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HairDoc treatment is exclusively conducted in-house at specialized clinics that feature the latest diagnostic equipment, such as tricho-scanners & tricho analyzers that provide detailed and accurate hair analysis. The clinic offers a range of scalp treatments including; Hair Nutritional Therapy, Follicular strenthgening Therapy, Tricho-Massage, Low Power Laser, Infrared and Ultraviolet treatments.

Hair loss is an emotionally distressing disease that can make those afflicted particularly vulnerable. Over the years local, generic drugs have proved just one thing – they don’t work. Now after years of research, Dr. Sateesh MD (Trichology) offers a revolutionary, all natural treatment that doesn’t merely arrest hair loss, it reverses it- permanently and with no side effects.

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Patients Review’s

We would be happy to help, you can also view our gallery of success stories.

My 1 visit to the clinic was in the month of may . I have been taking the treatement from the past 3-4 months and getting good results out of it . may rate of improvement has been increasing each month. I feel it has gone up from approximately 20% improvement in the 1st month to above 60% this month. I have also realised overall growth and all-around health. My memory level has increased immensely. I hope that my complete treatement can be done here only

Sagar s vidwans

Tathastu 2 c, jyotinagar, Aurangabad-56230637

I was suffering from chronic dandruff problem since last 3-4 years , as if a factory of dandruff itself ! this resulted in major irritation and also resulted in rapid hair loss , which made my forhead prominent and gave me balding apperance. I also had an acidity problem . when I started taking Dr. Satish medicine over the two last two months or so, the most recent chang I found in my digesition and acidity. My stomach is far better 70-80% and the dandrufftoo was reduced , with the older layer diminished. The dandruff problem has grettly reduced by now , and the irritation too has come down immensely. The reasult so far have been fairly satisfactory.

Devendra sasane

Gulmohar,12, 8 Queens garden, Maharana pratap road, Pune-01

I was suffering from hair fall at a rate that was simply alarming,having lost nearly 75 per sent of my hair at the age of 22. I tired various treatments and therapies but all to no avail .bbbbb but I visited hair doc where I meet Dr. Sateesh vaishnav and he gave me assurence of hair growth. I belived him and signed on for the hair doc treatement. Today I can say that hair doc has given me all that was promised me and more, and Dr. Vaishnav provided exceptional attention. Word fail me in experssion of my gratitude to him and hair doc . thanks to them, I not ony have new hair but a new life as well.

Sachin r vaidya


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