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There are many types of hair loss and every type has its own causes and reasons. Medically, hair loss is known 5 Alopecia and it's actually a big family of conditions related to different types of hair loss. It's important to find : Jt what situation you are facing before you start looking for treatments. --opecia is a medical term for hair loss. Everyone loses 50-100 hairs daily as part of the normal hair growth :ycle. It is when you are losing more hairs than you are supposed to be, that you need to act. Some types of Alopecia can be mild and forgiving while others lead to total baldness. The first step in : vercoming hair loss is to diagnose, understand your situation and the kind of hair loss that you are facing.

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Frequently Ask Questions

If you have any query about hair Rootgrow Treatment, may this faq helps you to solve your query.

Q. What is mean by bach flower remedies how they work?

Bach flower remedies having very special medicines to treat hair loss after very major illnesses like typhoid malaria /flues and many more


Many youngsters and age group in between 16to 30 yrs facing problem of this male hormone called testosterone which is converted in to dht because of hereditary reasons or acquired reasons Hair doc having best medicines to control this hormone being converted in proper age

Q. Would it be advisable to go in gym or do heavy exercise?

Gym is aggressive exercise which increases body heat & sweat and may cause hair loss. So, avoid or do in limit gym.

Q. Is it ok to take drink or smoke? Does it limited causes harm or Affect on medicine?

Every bad habit having its own side effect. It badly affects on body and ultimately causes hair fall. Because, hairs are most sensitive part of the body.

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