Essential amino acids are the ones which have to be included in the diet. Keratin is a protein which is a building block of the hair and if one has a diet rich in proteins then it ensures that the hair repairs itself when it grows Sources of good quality protein are milk, cheese and cereals, dairy products, soy, nuts, grains and seeds. Eating plenty of proteins ensure that the hair follicles continue to produce new hair. Difficiency of protin can cause hair loss and brittle hair
At the time of pregnancy estrogen which makes the hair thicker and better due to its role on the hair follicles causing them to stay in the growing phase for a really extended time period. So once the effect of the estrogen goes off which happens post delivery or post stopping hormonal supplements the hair gets pushed into resting phase and thereby they get further pushed in the falling phase which is the reason why one faces tremendous hair fall problems after three months. The very important thing that you need to follow is to meet your trichologist as soon as possible. This is a very important step and has to be followed on priority as a part of hair loss treatment for women after pregnancy
Oiling the scalp will nourish the scalp and also condition it but it will by no means increase the growth of the hair if it is applied continuously in fact if it is kept for a very long time it may lead to dandruff.
No its completely wrong concept actually hair growth or hair fall its completely depends on hair cycle …lack of nourishment to the follicles internally /externally we cut hairs and with no pain it means hair are dead by outside so no connection with hair loss or hair growth
Hair loss occurs after undergoing chemotherapy sessions after sometime depending on the type and the dosage of the chemotherapy drug that one receives. During this phase most of us are desperate to know about best hair loss treatment after chemotherapy. Basically these chemotherapy drugs are the powerful medications that affect only the rapidly growing cancer cells and unfortunately hair is one of the fastest growing organs in the body due to which it affects the cells present in the hair root to a very great extent. Hair generally falls after 10 to 14 days after one starts taking the chemotherapy sessions and the hair fall may last up to a month after the completion of the chemotherapy sessions
Root grow is complete holistic approach and very renun stem cell treatment of international fruit Persia Americana extract. It is known to be alternative solution of hair transplant The treatment is complete safe /cost effective painless and permanent solution for baldness control and hair growth.
Hair doc medicines affects directly to the blood stream where follicle get nutrition from They acts as follicular straightening substance Make root strong Safe at all ages