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Hair loss affects the afflicted on many levels: it is socially embarrassing, emotionally distressing and deprives one of a physiological feature that was naturally meant to be. While there are many off-the-shelf products available, none of them have proved to be a solution, something most people afflicted with hair loss have realized by now. Clearly, this is not a problem that can be solved by one-size-fits-all solutions. This is why years of research has been put in by Dr. Satish (MD Trichology) to come up with a revolutionary new treatment that does not merely stop hair loss but regrows hair as well, permanently and without side-effects.

HairDoc brings to you German medical know-how perfected over centuries, to provide healthy and natural treatment techniques for hair and scalp conditions. Using state-of-the-art equipment such as tricho-scanners and tricho-analyzers to provide detailed and accurate hair analysis, an accurate diagnosis with respect to the reasons behind your hair-loss is conducted. Once diagnosed, a customized treatment plan is prepared to tackle the root of your problem; improvements are visible within weeks. The new hair is healthier and of better quality than before.

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About Dr. Sateesh Vaishnav

Dr. Sateesh Vaishnav has spent a lifetime in the study and treatment of hair and scalp distorders. He is having more than 30 years of Experience and Recipient of Prestigious KESH-RATNA Award with the hands off Governor of Pondecheri. Dr. Iqubal Sing in New Delhi. this is why years of research has been put in by Dr. Sateesh to came up with revolutionary new treatment that does not merely stop hair loss but regrows hair as well, permanenty and with out side-effects.

M.D.(Homeopathy), M.D.(Tricology),
Member of international Homeopathic Medical Society California (USA)
PGDMT University Of Geriswald Germany.

What We Do?

We offer free consultations so that you do not feel obliged to take any services with us until you are happy that we can deliver. We at HAIRDOC are costomized to address each patient's specific problem, not just symptomatically but by solving the underlying issues. We are expertise in hair care and buliding confidence in patient with hair related problems over last 30 years’

Who We Are?

HairDoc as a company, business, employer and organization, propagates simple and fundamental human values across the hierarchy that successfully translate into experiences for our customers, growth for our partners and careers of our employees.

Our Mission

Our MissionTo bring happiness and confidence to people through effective treatment.

Our Vision
To make the world a better place to live

Our Business principle
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Our Core Values
Natural Therapy

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